Who are we?

BEJT is a small charity founded in 2001 by Jane and Ashley Butterfield, whose work showing western visitors ‘the real India’ from on board a railway carriage brought them into close contact with many poor and destitute individuals and families. Giving away leftover food and old clothes was a regular part of the tour experience, and many of our donors are those who travelled with the Butterfields and saw for themselves the miserable conditions in which some people lived. Many sent cash donations after returning home, and BEJT was formed in 2001 to maximize these through tax relief.

Named after itinerant Edward Johnson, who sacrificed his job and social status to care for his two children and mentally unstable wife, it is registered as charity number 1088183 with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Our trustees are Jane Butterfield (Chair), Ashley Butterfield, Justin Rose, Stephen Cannan, John King and Linda Butterfield.

Many of our trustees travel regularly to India to visit the people and organisations which we support, and ensure that BEJT’s funds are well spent. We are proud of the fact that, with the exception of unavoidable fees for banking and money transfers, all other costs are born by the trustees personally so that over 98% of the funds raised go directly to support our projects.

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